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Earlier this summer Well + Good gave a us a call and wanted to feature our studios on their site. They were expanding their offerings and were looking to include San Francisco and Oakland’s top fitness studios.  They had a few questions for us and we were happy to oblige. Check out the mini-interview we did for them and if you’re looking for other amazing eats, activities, and gyms in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles, Well + Good is the place to go.


What differentiates Blue Sparrow Pilates from the other studios in the Bay Area?

Our instructors are the most highly trained, both in terms of hours dedicated to their education and the commitment that each instructor has made to build their expertise in Pilates. When someone walks into our studios, each one of our teachers is trained to recognize what movements are going to be the best for them, whether it be for their strength, posture, or body type.

What’s the studio vibe like?

We create a community oriented vibe in the studio. The teachers are supportive, and classes are never competitive. We are positive, progressive, passionate, professional. Many of our clients and instructors become friends over time.Whether you’re coming to Blue Sparrow Pilates for rehabilitation or for a really thorough workout, we just like to get down to business and make sure our clients get the results they seek.

We take our work seriously and it’s important to us that our clients feel they’re in safe hands.

Are there any signature elements to your classes?

Even in a group classes, we offer corrections so you can improve. Usually corrections are not general but specific to each individual. Instructors don’t do the workout with you, instead they walk around to ensure everyone keeps good form. We know each person’s history and give attention their specific issues or goals.  We teach contemporary Pilates, meaning it is still based on the original work of Joseph Pilates, but it’s been updated to include all the science that has happened since he lived. We teach exercises that are based on science, not just what’s trendy. During sessions, we work every side of the body so you may be laying on your back, then on hands and knees, then standing. We give well rounded workout to restore balance in the body.

Can you give us a taste of what some of your instructors have to offer?

All of our instructors teach both groups and private sessions. Melissa Kennedy has been with the studio almost since the beginning, and her advanced training makes her perfect for rehabilitation needs. Taking group classes from Erica Pinigis are a blast and often she’s planned the workout to a special music theme. Holly is known for teaching challenging sessions. Not because the exercises are complex or advanced but because of her corrections. She ensures students feel every exercise and gets every muscle working hard.

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