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Basic Anatomy for Pilates Teachers Online

20 years ago when I started my Pilates training, I knew zero anatomy. Literally, nothing.  I was intimidated — big time. When I began my Pilates teacher training course everyone seemed to talk-the-talk. I listened and nodded pretending I knew what they were talking about and hoped I didn’t get called on. Needless to say, this was not a great way to begin my training. I was in over my head.

I want you to have a different experience. I want you to walk into your first Pilates course with the confidence and knowledge to crush it.Learn Basic Anatomy online

Build your foundational knowledge of anatomy. Teach you to use the correct anatomical language that will be used throughout your Pilates teacher training courses. Give you the skills to understand the anatomy of an exercise, which will allow you to teach directly to your client’s needs. Set you up for long-term success and give you the confidence to teach with knowledge. If you don’t know what muscles an exercise targets, how can you give a client a well-balanced, educated workout?

Basic Anatomy Online