Continuing Education

There’s no doubt about it: Learning can have major benefits for careers of all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been teaching for decades or a year. Here are five reasons why our upcoming Continuing Education can be a valuable investment in yourself:

  • You’ll become more versatile and indispensable. Continuing education helps you learn the tools necessary to work with a vast array of clients and meet their varying needs.
  • Communicate effectively. Ever wish that you could communicate your knowledge better to your clients? Continuing education will help you learn new imagery and cueing to help you do so.
  • Change careers altogether. Not sure if Pilates teacher training is right for you? Perhaps starting with a 2 hour workshops will give you a taste of what it is all about and help you make the right decision. Or, take the plunge and sign up for one of our courses.
  • Break into the industry. Completed your Pilates teacher training but still don’t feel ready to begin teaching? Workshops are a great way to add to your exercise repertoire, get your brain ticking and network with other instructors.
  • Stay current with your certification. In most professions it takes work every year to stay current, to be fresh and up to date. Pilates is no different, and we’re glad. There’s so much to learn in this field – new research and teaching skills. Completing your annual CECs not only keeps up in the know but also keeps your certification current.

We offer 2-hour workshops and additional certificate programs as part of our Continuing Education Program.

Let’s train. Let’s grow our knowledge together.

Become a Specialist with Continuing Education Workshops

Set yourself apart by becoming a STOTT PILATES® Specialist in the field of your choice. Choose any of our eight Specialty Tracks, complete the required workshops and gain access to a whole new client-base. There is no time-limit on completing the components and you earn CECs at the same time!

Benefits of Becoming a Specialist

  • Focus your training in the field of your choice
  • Develop specialty programming for your clientele
  • Service special populations in your community
  • Receive cueing tips for specialty customers
  • Learn modifications to address individual requirements
  • Discover the specific needs of unique groups
  • Explore how market segments differ from one another
  • Address the anatomy and bio-mechanical necessities in each case
  • Filter through the hundreds of workshop opportunities
  • Streamline continuing education

Complete eight workshops within each category below to receive the designation of STOTT PILATES® Specialist.

athletic-conditionsAthletic Conditioning

For those who work with very fit and accomplished athletes – learn to improve strength, power and agility, while challenging unilateral movement, weight transference and torso rotation. Take your clients to a new level of athletic performance.

Golf Conditioning

Give your clients that extra edge. Learn exercises designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility and power. Condition the entire body, enhance core stability and body awareness to help boost performance on and off the green.

Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning

For clients with injuries or special conditions – zero in on areas of the body which are most commonly injured. Learn to help your clients maintain strength after rehab and prevent future injuries.

Active for Life

Specialized programming for the active aging population – learn to adapt the STOTT PILATES Principles and exercises for the active Boomers and older adults. Address issues such as restricted mobility.

Pre- & Post-natal

Take moms-to-be from traditional Matwork to variations that address their changing bodies. Learn appropriate exercise adaptations taking individual factors into consideration such as fitness level and health concerns.

Group Matwork

Teaching effective and inspiring group Matwork classes requires skill, creativity and a complete repertoire of exercises. Learn techniques and selections to maintain motivation and ensure improvement even with a wide spectrum of clients.

Group Equipment

Group classes on equipment can be fun and invigorating with an experienced and qualified instructor. Learn both classic and highly inventive exercises to guarantee stimulating sessions at a variety of levels.


Dance inspired programs help clients build strength and stability while improving balance and flexibility. Learn specially designed exercises that combine fluidity of movement with sound biomechanical fundamentals.


Fascial Movement Training


Designed for fitness, medical and therapy professionals, Merrithew Fascial Movement workshops and courses explore the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system. With an emphasis on movement variables including Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate, Merrithew Fascial Movement training offers a thorough understanding of what fascia is, what it does, how it moves and how to work with it across a range of varying modalities. Upon completion of the Instructor Course, participants will be able to incorporate content taught in the course to their existing qualifications/training and can use the term “trained in Merrithew Fascial Movement”.

  • General Course Objectives:

    • Identify the components of fascia and be able to explain its role and relevance to movement.
    • Articulate the difference between tensegrity and traditional force and lever-based biomechanics.
    • Define and explore fascial movement variables such as Bounce, Sense, Expand & Hydrate.
    • Develop programs for clients of all levels integrating specific fascial movement variables.

    Fascia, the most ubiquitous connective tissue in the body, is creating a buzz in the fitness industry. The importance of this multi-faceted network is only starting to be understood. The Merrithew Fascial Movement Foundation Course, Level 1 is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness, therapeutic movement and rehabilitation, and provides insight as to how movement affects and is affected by fascia. The initial lecture component of the course reviews basic fascial anatomy and physiology and explores the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system. The application component of the course introduces movement variables including Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate; and shows how they can be applied to all forms of exercise including Pilates, yoga, dance, athletic conditioning, sports performance, and rehabilitation.

  • Audience

    Fitness professionals, movement therapists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates trainers, a variety of somatically driven movement modalities and manual therapists looking for simple movement techniques to enhance their therapeutic practices.
    Course Length: 16 hours

  • Continuing Education Credits

    REPs 16.0
    ACE 1.6
    canfitpro 4.0

    Required materials: Fascia Movement Instructor Course Workbook (Included in course fees)


Total Barre Foundation Training

Gain the knowledge and confidence to
design and teach Highly Evolved Barre Classes in any setting

Learn choreography, exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement, as well as how to effectively utilize the power of music to create safe and fun barre classes that focus on increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It truly is a program geared for everyone—no dance experience required!

  • The dynamic Total Barre™ program is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement. Instructors looking to bring music-inspired movement to their clients will love the 11 specially arranged and selected segments that serve as the template for each session or class.Segments are accompanied by timed selections of music, each at a designated pace and focus on individual areas of the body or movement type. After completing this program students will be prepared to teach the repertoire safely, effectively and with confidence.Our Total Barre program provides a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire.

    General Course Objectives:

    • Learn creative choreography of a well-balanced Barre workout.
    • Receive a template to effectively guide participants to modify and choreograph future workouts.
    • Break down various movements and explore the stabilization and mobilization required to achieve them.
    • Learn how to cue, correct and modify effectively for all populations.
    • Experience and implement six Total Barre Foundation Principles.
    • Participants are supplied suggested beats per minute for each segment of the workout they learn with optional music playlist.
  • Level 1- Standard Courses

    Course Price
    Call 415-398-4425 for schedule. Register
    Foundation Course, Level 1 $400 (includes $75 manual)


CORE Athletic Continuing + Performance Training

Complete the 1-day CORE™ Instructor Foundation
course and earn the designation as a CORE™ Instructor

Take your workouts to the next level with our CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™. This unique training program focuses on functional fitness targeting core strength and kinesthetic awareness leading to improvements in total-body strength and power. This multi-layered system is designed for both novice and high-level athletes. Enhance your performance by improving precision, control, strength, power, and agility. Jumpstart metabolism, optimize athletic performance, and train smarter with our combination of body control and power movements. CORE™ will help retrain unbalanced muscles, initiate the core, and build strength from within that will transfer on and off the playing field!

The CORE™ is perfect for Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts who want tools to design and deliver high effective workouts that will increase the muscle strength, endurance and power, resulting in high intensity, results-driven workouts.

  • This seven-hour training program introduces important concepts of athletic conditioning and performance training. Emphasis is placed utilizing 11 Foundational Principles when training athletes. The principles cover alignment and biomechanics for the major joints involved in athletic performance as well as understanding how to train the three classifications of muscles for optimal performance.In addition, components of athletic conditioning are overviewed including resistance training methods, plyometric training, balance training, and speed & agility training. Performance training concepts such as periodization are also introduced. Finally, participants will walk away with two Interval Training workouts, one based on muscular endurance and one focusing on high-intensity training. These workouts incorporate the various concepts covered in the program and utilize a variety of equipment options.
    CECs: 0.7 STOTT PILATES and other organizations.Prerequisite
    This course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement who hold a related certification and/or degree. Individuals who do not possess this background may still participate in the course and will be issued a letter of completion, but will not be granted an instructor qualification. A history of participation in fitness or movement is highly recommended for anyone wishing to take this course.Course Objectives
    Upon completion of the CORE Instructor Foundations courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion designating you as a CORE Instructor. You will have learned everything you need to:

    • Explain the theory behind the CORE™ principles.
    • Effectively apply CORE™ principles to a workout for any level participant.
    • Teach a pre-programmed CORE™ Circuit class in a group format.
    • Practice correct execution of exercises found in traditional fitness training.
    • Course equipment: Mat, Strength Tubing, Large Stability Cushions, Medicine Balls, Strength Tubing for Ankles, Halo Trainer, Stability Ball, Halo Trainer.
  • CECs: 0.7 STOTT PILATES and other organizations.

    Level 1- Standard Courses

    Course Price
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    Foundation Course, Level 1 $350.00. Course fee includes all course materials.