Tanja London

Tanja London
Certified Instructor

Tanja is fascinated by various somatic practices, fascial work and anatomy in general. She loves to dance, choreograph, improvise, make dance films, and linger in the outdoors.

Tanja discovered STOTT PILATES® when she moved from Germany to the U.S. in 2006. She fell in love with the detailed anatomical knowledge inherent in the way of teaching this method. She found that it revealed the invisible workings of the body.

In 2007 she started her training at PJ O’Clair’s Northeast Pilates Certification Center clubXcel (MA) and completed her certification in 2009. Since 2007 she has been teaching in various capacities in different studios and ran a Pilates Program affiliated with the Exeter Hospital, NH. A lifelong learner, she’s currently working towards her advanced certification on all

She has experience working with people who are dealing with the consequences of injuries and chronic pain, including lower back, knee, ankle, foot, and shoulder injuries. She supports clients in getting or staying fit while helping them to increase their own body knowledge. She is invested in teaching ways of moving that are organically connected and result in a resilient and joyful agility.


  • Certified in STOTT PILATES® Mat & Reformer