The Power of Prenatal Pilates

9f8e8f16-81d7-4176-8b0d-94298e6a9ddcSpring has sprung and with it so have our prenatal classes. Our prenatal Pilates class in San Francisco has become so popular we’re adding more to the schedule in both San Francisco and Oakland. Here are a few good reasons why you should seriously consider modifying your exercise program to match your new needs as an expectant mom-to-be.

When you find out you’re pregnant it’s best to switch to a prenatal-specific exercise program to ensure you and your bun-in-the oven’s safety. Remember, it’s just a short time that you have to switch your routine. Being conservative and working with a prenatal exercise specialist will protect you for the long haul.

Pregnancy isn’t the time to push hard and try to build strength. New hormones are being released and everything in your body is working to create the right conditions for the baby’s growth and delivery. All of these changes in your body mean that it now requires a different kind of attention than it was getting before. The farther along you get in your pregnancy the more tailored your workouts need to be. Work with your body, not against it.

Continuing with your pre-pregnancy workout plans could actually do more harm than good. Working with your doctor and prenatal exercise specialist to create a plan that’s best for you could mean decreased pregnancy aches and pains, easier delivery, and quicker postnatal recovery. Check out this interview with one of our clients about what she learned from her first two pregnancies and how that changed her habits during her third.

If you’re looking for some pre or postnatal exercise help, the Blue Sparrow Pilates team is here for you. From pre/postnatal classes (we’re working on getting a class on the Oakland schedule for the beginning of May), private sessions, and our Prenatal Pilates app (read more about it here), there are tons of resources for you to draw on. You should also check out all of the articles Holly has written for Pilates Style Magazine. From building lifelong exercise habits during pregnancy to learning about all of the benefits of prenatal Pilates, there is information for every expectant mother.
If you need any help determining the right exercise regimen for you or want to try one of our prenatal classes or privates, we’re here to help.