Motion is Lotion

StottPilatesStabilityChairWhen I first began teaching Pilates in the late 1990’s, everyone talked about it as “mind-body” exercise. That idea is no longer as prevalent in marketing Pilates, however the concept is still at the heart of what Pilates is and does for a practitioner.

I asked orthopedic surgeon and author Barry Rose his thoughts on why Pilates is so important for the body and the mind. “I cannot emphasize the importance of exercise for the body, mind, and spirit.” During Dr. Rose’s career he not only saw the impact of exercise on his patients but has also witnessed it as a small fitness club owner who taught aerobics as well as lectured on injuries, and was an editors for the first personal training manual. I heard Dr. Rose’s phrase “Motion is lotion” and thought it was a brilliant expression that emphasizes how we all must keep our joints mobile and lubricated with strength, stretching, and aerobic exercise to maintain muscle tone and stay active. Motion is lotion not only for our joints and for our bodies, but also for our mental well-being. Physical activity and mental engagement go hand in hand.

Pilates is known for being a system of exercise that requires the body and mind to work together. To fully achieve the principles of the method as outlined by Joseph Pilates, it requires complete engagement of both the body and mind. Engaging the mind to strengthen those hard to feel muscles that stabilize around the joints, and then continuing on to large full body exercises that require every little muscle to work together like a symphony.

Dr. Rose reminds us that as we age, we lose flexibility and strength. To remain injury-free, it is imperative to maintain flexibility and strength. The more we can maintain this balance in the body, the more active, happy, and positive our lifestyle can be. He states, “Higher levels of circulating endorphins obtained from exercise act at the pain receptors. This decreases pain and depression, as well as increases the feeling of well being.” To put it simply — exercise will help you feel less pain and feel happier. Feeling less pain and more joy will improve every aspect of life!

Dr. Rose’s new book “The Cutting Edge Of Compassion” is to be released July 5, 2016. His book explores bringing compassion back into healing, as well as taking people from fear to a place of trust.  He believes there can be a merging of western and eastern philosophies to create a more complete and holistic approach to healing. He adds “Finding a state of compassion and love creates a positive energy state that rarely can be undone.”


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