Mobile App User Guide

24-Hour Reception thru WellnessLiving

All scheduling and cancellations with Blue Sparrow Pilates should be completed through our scheduling system, Wellness Living. Shop for services or book appointments easily from your personal computer, smart phone, tablet.

Never miss an appointment:

  • Adjust reminder preferences to receive text and/or email reminders of appointments and classes
  • View and confirm schedule

From your computer: > “Book” (far right in navigation bar) > Login with your username/email and password.

For smart phone or tablet: Go to the App Store or GooglePlay to download the “Blue Sparrow Pilates” App. The simply login to your account. 


For additional help registering for the first time, updating your billing information, viewing purchases and schedules, checking in, cancelling appointments, or syncing your Google Calendar see our User Guides below.

Client Registration thru Mobile App

  1. Download the Blue Sparrow Pilates app in the app store
  2. Click “My Schedule” at the bottom of the home screenUserGuideMySchedule
  3. Click the pink “Register Here” button and follow the prompts to enter your First and Last Name and Email Address
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Activate your new account by checking your email and clicking the Activate Account button in the email you received from Blue Sparrow Pilates/Wellness Living

Client Options

  1. Open the Blue Sparrow Pilates app “Login”
  2. Tap your user icon in the the top-right corner to display your menu options

You can view all of your recent activity on Wellness Living including booked services and attended services. Check this option regularly if you opt out of notification emails and alerts.

When you have unread notifications you can see how many you have and also read them by clicking alerts.

Profile Details
Your profile details can be viewed or changed. These changes will apply to your account automatically and across the system.

From here you can contact support, change your notification settings, and link your social media accounts.

From here you can view, search, or filter any purchases made with Blue Sparrow Pilates. You can also email receipts directly to yourself from this option.

Billing Information
This is where you can view and edit your billing information including account balance, account history, and saved credit cards. You can also redeem any Gift Cards or Deal Redemption Codes simply by entering the code in the labeled box.

You can view any waivers you signed with Blue Sparrow Pilates along with the date and an image of the signature.

Checking-In and/or Cancelling Appointments and Services

  1. Open the Blue Sparrow Pilates app
  2. Tap “My Schedule” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Find the service that you would like to “check in” to or “cancel”
  4. Press the three dots to the right of the service and drag your finger to the left (swipe left on the service)
  5. View the service options. Click the green “check-in” button to check-in. Click the red “Cancel” button to cancel the service
  6. Follow all subsequent prompts to confirm your check-in or cancellation

Booking Services

  1. Open the Blue Sparrow Pilates app
  2. Tap “Book Now” at the bottom of the home screen
  3. Select the service you would like to book (Classes, Appointments, Pilates Teacher Training)
  4. Follow prompts to select instructor/service type/day/time and book and pay for your service

Google Calendar Sync

  1. Login to the Google account you want to sync
  2. Login to your Wellness Living account and go to “My Profile”
  3. Click the red “Google” button under Social Media and click “Allow”
  4. Your Wellness Living/Blue Sparrow Pilates and Google calendars will now be synced