Inspired Communities Make Us Stronger

Spring training is happening all around the Bay. So many of you are signing up for half marathons, bike races, triathlons, and even muddy obstacle runs.

I love it! I love the enthusiasm and the excitement of trying something new. I love that you’re pushing yourselves, often into the unknown.

And selfishly, I love that you’re inspiring me. Which for me means back in the saddle of my trusty bike.

Just like everyone else, my schedule is packed with work and family. Sometime the stress of keeping it all going means that finding time to train disappears.
But you all have inspired me (Melissa, Eryn, James, Jamie, Katie, Sabrina…list could go on and on…) to get back on my bike. No more putting myself last at the bottom of my massive to-do list.


This weekend a bike ride and a stop at the Fort Mason farmers market.

With all the endurance training going on, cross training with Pilates is essential. Not only can pilates improve flexibility, balance and strength. It also emphasizes working in ways that elongates muscles, while simultaneously builds stability and facilitates more efficient movement. Most importantly, it will help athletic performance and helps to prevent injury.

Now, to give you a little inspiration back, here’s a video of a real life hero Professional cyclist Katie Hall doing Pilates at Blue Sparrow Pilates. She’s so strong and fast we had trouble keeping up with her in a car!

No matter where your spring training takes you, we’re here to support you!

See you out there!

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