Holly & Melissa’s Adventure in Toronto

1239544_636926652997914_1948174189_nHolly and Melissa, our two in house Certified Senior Instructors and STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers, are off to Toronto this week for more STOTT PILATES training. Holly and Melissa are two of only 19 STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers in the whole of California (and Blue Sparrow Pilates is one of five training centers in California). The training they’re attending this week will allow them to teach additional Teacher Training courses for our education program.  The education program at Blue Sparrow Pilates attracts students from around the world. With Holly and Melissa training for even more credentials in Toronto, we will have more offerings for our students in the coming months and years.

In Toronto, they’re training alongside some of the most qualified and sought out instructors from around the globe (no pressure 😉 ) And the best part is that they will bring back to Blue Sparrow Pilates both new qualifications and information to share with their clients and fellow teachers. Their rigorous training schedule in Canada means that they will be working – and working out – for LONG days every day.

While they’re gone, we hope you’ll learn something new by trying a new class or taking a private session with one of our other instructors. All the instructors at Blue Sparrow Pilates have gone through extensive training in STOTT PILATES and have learned from Holly and Melissa. So even though the instructors and their perspective may be different, the methodology is the same tried and true approach you’re used to.

Wishing you feel stronger and inspired!