Getting Back On The Horse

IMG_0047Hey, how do you like my blackeye? You should see the other guy! Just kidding. I actually crashed my bike hitting a patch of gravel halfway through a ride in Marin. All and all, I was lucky. Now I’m very sore and have this shiner as a badge of honor.

Pilates teachers hurt themselves from time to time. We’re all very active people who push ourselves to improve and to take on new challenges. One good thing about every injury I’ve had is the recovery process has helped me develop a deeper understanding of prevention and rehabilitation.

Of course it is never fun to be hurt but it does happen from time to time. But the truth is that you can hurt yourself using your body, and you can hurt yourself by not using your body. It’s hard to argue sitting at a desk and not going for a dream will protect you from injury. Personally I’d prefer getting out there, living life, taking risks and potentially failing (or falling) spectacularly.

The good news is that Pilates helps make you more resilient after injury. And it will help with prevention. Sometimes things just happen and we all fall down. We’re trained to help you recover. We’re here to support you through many phases of life.

So no matter what your horse is, for me it’s a bike, it’s all about getting back up on that horse. Do the things you love. Today, three days after my spectacular crash, I went out for a very slow, short ride.