Excuses: What’s Keeping You From Class?


Last week’s article, Reevaluating New Year’s Resolutions, talked about how scheduling your training sessions at certain times of day can mean the difference between successfully completing them or putting them off until tomorrow. There are so many things that can get in the way of reaching our goals and so much of the time those “things” are our own excuses.

“I don’t feel 100% today.”Blue Sparrow Pilates Reformer Classes

“I have to make this phone call/run that errand/clean the house.”

“I forgot my non-slip socks”

“I don’t have the right workout gear”

“I haven’t finished x, y, or z yet”

“I don’t have the time.”

“That class is too easy/too advanced/the wrong one.”

The list goes on and on. How important are those other things? Are they real concerns and valid demands on your time? Is it important to prioritize them over your workout and health? Sometimes it is important. But often we, and I, get in the habit of accepting these excuses as truth. Simply asking yourself if you’re making an excuse will help. I often think I have to do those other things. Or think that the refrains playing in my head are absolute truths. In reality, I just don’t feel like doing the workout.

What excuses are you telling yourself that are keeping you from reaching your goals? I hope they’re better excuses than the ones I tell myself, but don’t forget…they’re still just excuses!

Here’s to showing up and reaching your goals, no matter the excuses running through your head.