Class Schedule
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Expiration & Policies:

All promotional rate packages expire 180-days from purchase date. After 180-days the remaining value will never expire. The amount paid will never expire and will continue to be honored. If sessions in promotional packages are not completed within the expiration period of 180-days, completed sessions will default to regular single class prices. For example, if you have a package of 5 classes and you only use 3 within 180-days, you will not get the bulk or promotional discount for the sessions. The 3 completed will be valued at regular single session price and you will be credited to your Blue Sparrow account the remaining value.

Auto Pay Membership & Unlimited:

Limited 1 class/day. $20 fee for no-shows/cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice. Card on file will be automatically charged. Contract can be put on a one-time hold for up to 30 days for an additional $30 administrative fee.


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