The Importance of Corrections

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class or private session at Blue Sparrow Pilates, you probably noticed how many corrections our instructors give; corrections about form, movement quality and muscle engagement. They cue, adjust, describe, and take the time to really explain an idea. Maybe it feels like we’re nitpicking about something that doesn’t matter […]

10 Minutes to Total Body Engagement

We’re all short on time. So when you’re doing at-home workouts it’s important to make each exercise really count.  Here are 4 exercises that engage your whole body in just seconds. The key to doing them correctly, to protect yourself against injury, and build functional strength? Alignment and awareness. Going harder, going longer, or doing […]

Meet Aerliah

I first met Aerliah when she came to our studio for her Pilates training courses.  We’re so excited to have her on staff now! I knew she would be a wonderful addition to our team and that you all would love her. Originally from Australia, how could anyone resist that beautiful accent of hers? Continuing […]

4 Easy Steps to a Proper Situp

Ab prep is a wonderful way to engage the deepest layer of abdominals, the transverse abdominus. Ab prep is so versatile that it’s easily modified to be more difficult with the addition of props and equipment.  However, bad form can put stress on the cervical spine or fail to actively and effectively engage your core. Proper form […]

The One Thing All Athletes Are Missing

No, it’s not breast milk or the latest protein powder. It’s not a new-age training regimen or time off. It’s not the latest technologically enhanced equipment. It’s Pilates.  Every single athlete I encounter could benefit from Pilates. Are you a weekend warrior? Maybe you’re a closet triathlete, marathoner, or even a professional athlete or dancer. […]

Pacifiers, Pampers, & Pilates

It can be difficult for women in the throes of pregnancy or infant care to schedule exercise. If you’re a mom or soon-to-be mom, I’m sure you’re well aware of this fact. Already full schedules of work, doctors appointments, and baby preparations or care generally take precedent and understandably so. If your life hasn’t already […]

4 Steps to Build the Perfect Plank

We’ve all heard how wonderful planks are for your entire body. And you’ve done one in Pilates, at the gym, or in a yoga class.  I think we would all agree, planks can be challenging! But why are planks so important? Planks train you to recruit and coordinate muscle groups throughout the body, as well […]