Asking Ashlee

I had the opportunity to chat with Ashlee for a bit about joining the Blue Sparrow Pilates team, taking on a full load of classes at our new Oakland studio, and what inspired her to pursue a career in Pilates.  Read more from this wonderful instructor! Where are you from originally and how did you […]

Time to Ride

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when the Easter Bunny left my sister and I Nash skateboards. I was SO excited! I immediately jumped on my new skateboard and started crashing and thrashing my way around the neighborhood in my best Sunday clothes. I wasn’t scared of anything! I didn’t care if […]

The One Thing All Athletes Are Missing

No, it’s not breast milk or the latest protein powder. It’s not a new-age training regimen or time off. It’s not the latest technologically enhanced equipment. It’s Pilates.  Every single athlete I encounter could benefit from Pilates. Are you a weekend warrior? Maybe you’re a closet triathlete, marathoner, or even a professional athlete or dancer. […]

Pacifiers, Pampers, & Pilates

It can be difficult for women in the throes of pregnancy or infant care to schedule exercise. If you’re a mom or soon-to-be mom, I’m sure you’re well aware of this fact. Already full schedules of work, doctors appointments, and baby preparations or care generally take precedent and understandably so. If your life hasn’t already […]

Hearty, Healthy, Super Soups

Soups can really pack a punch nutritionally if you keep the focus of on the ingredients.  They’re warm, hearty, healthy and can be their own class of soul-feeding super foods. Don’t know where to start and want to expand your usual repertoire of market purchases? February is a wonderful time to rekindle your love for mushrooms. Or, […]

4 Steps to Build the Perfect Plank

We’ve all heard how wonderful planks are for your entire body. And you’ve done one in Pilates, at the gym, or in a yoga class.  I think we would all agree, planks can be challenging! But why are planks so important? Planks train you to recruit and coordinate muscle groups throughout the body, as well […]