Two Weeks That Could Save Your Life

If you’re like me, contemplating an extended time away from work–from the studio, a small business, or booming corporation–fills you with stress. There is always too much to get done and there will always be more work to do. However, foregoing those extended vacations and accruing time off that you will never use, could be […]

Meet Aerliah

I first met Aerliah when she came to our studio for her Pilates training courses.  We’re so excited to have her on staff now! I knew she would be a wonderful addition to our team and that you all would love her. Originally from Australia, how could anyone resist that beautiful accent of hers? Continuing […]

4 Easy Steps to a Proper Situp

Ab prep is a wonderful way to engage the deepest layer of abdominals, the transverse abdominus. Ab prep is so versatile that it’s easily modified to be more difficult with the addition of props and equipment.  However, bad form can put stress on the cervical spine or fail to actively and effectively engage your core. Proper form […]

Inspired By Mom

This week I want to give a shout out, a big hug, and a huge thank you to all the moms out there. I love my mom. She’s my hero, my friend, my supporter, and a strong female that I’ve admired my whole life.  I’ve learned so much from her. She taught me the value of […]

5 Essential Steps to Curb the Curve

Curb the curve, straighten the slouch, perfect the posture.  However you want to refer to it, we are all becoming increasingly slouchy creatures. Our modern lifestyle requires a huge number of people to sit (and usually slouch) at computers all day, in their cars or huddled over their phone. People with sedentary lifestyles often perpetuate […]

Asking Ashlee

I had the opportunity to chat with Ashlee for a bit about joining the Blue Sparrow Pilates team, taking on a full load of classes at our new Oakland studio, and what inspired her to pursue a career in Pilates.  Read more from this wonderful instructor! Where are you from originally and how did you […]

Time to Ride

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when the Easter Bunny left my sister and I Nash skateboards. I was SO excited! I immediately jumped on my new skateboard and started crashing and thrashing my way around the neighborhood in my best Sunday clothes. I wasn’t scared of anything! I didn’t care if […]