Holly & Melissa’s Adventure in Toronto

Holly and Melissa, our two in house Certified Senior Instructors and STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers, are off to Toronto this week for more STOTT PILATES training. Holly and Melissa are two of only 19 STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers in the whole of California (and Blue Sparrow Pilates is one of five training centers in California). […]

Well + Good Preview

  Earlier this summer Well + Good gave a us a call and wanted to feature our studios on their site. They were expanding their offerings and were looking to include San Francisco and Oakland’s top fitness studios.  They had a few questions for us and we were happy to oblige. Check out the mini-interview […]

Asking Ashlee

I had the opportunity to chat with Ashlee for a bit about joining the Blue Sparrow Pilates team, taking on a full load of classes at our new Oakland studio, and what inspired her to pursue a career in Pilates.  Read more from this wonderful instructor! Where are you from originally and how did you […]

Blue Sparrow Pilates Oakland

It’s a New Year and we have BIG news! I want you to be the first to know our exciting news: we’re opening a second location in Oakland, CA! Our new second location will better serve our East Bay clients, as well as provide an opportunity to offer new services and products.  The new studio will […]

Rolling Refined

Five years ago, people looked at me like a circus freak if I rolled out my legs at the gym. Now people know the many benefits of the foam roller. However, recent research findings suggest we need to refine its use slightly. The foam roller has gained in popularity because it’s inexpensive and accessible to […]

Blast Your Bod with CORE™

CORE™ is a complete blast- you will have fun and work your butt-off! What is CORE™? CORE™ is an interval training class. It’s based on resistence, endurance, or muscular endurance. So, we’ll perform higher repetition, with not as much resistence as you would for a power workout. But it’s a longer duration so you should […]