Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Growing up as a dancer and athlete I learned from a very young age that sometimes you have to fake it. Sometimes you have to fake your enthusiasm, confidence, or knowledge.  Sometimes, you have to fake all three. I know how hard it can be to get back on track with exercise once you have […]

4 Easy Steps to a Proper Situp

Ab prep is a wonderful way to engage the deepest layer of abdominals, the transverse abdominus. Ab prep is so versatile that it’s easily modified to be more difficult with the addition of props and equipment.  However, bad form can put stress on the cervical spine or fail to actively and effectively engage your core. Proper form […]

5 Essential Steps to Curb the Curve

Curb the curve, straighten the slouch, perfect the posture.  However you want to refer to it, we are all becoming increasingly slouchy creatures. Our modern lifestyle requires a huge number of people to sit (and usually slouch) at computers all day, in their cars or huddled over their phone. People with sedentary lifestyles often perpetuate […]

Time to Ride

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when the Easter Bunny left my sister and I Nash skateboards. I was SO excited! I immediately jumped on my new skateboard and started crashing and thrashing my way around the neighborhood in my best Sunday clothes. I wasn’t scared of anything! I didn’t care if […]

The One Thing All Athletes Are Missing

No, it’s not breast milk or the latest protein powder. It’s not a new-age training regimen or time off. It’s not the latest technologically enhanced equipment. It’s Pilates.  Every single athlete I encounter could benefit from Pilates. Are you a weekend warrior? Maybe you’re a closet triathlete, marathoner, or even a professional athlete or dancer. […]

Pacifiers, Pampers, & Pilates

It can be difficult for women in the throes of pregnancy or infant care to schedule exercise. If you’re a mom or soon-to-be mom, I’m sure you’re well aware of this fact. Already full schedules of work, doctors appointments, and baby preparations or care generally take precedent and understandably so. If your life hasn’t already […]

4 Steps to Build the Perfect Plank

We’ve all heard how wonderful planks are for your entire body. And you’ve done one in Pilates, at the gym, or in a yoga class.  I think we would all agree, planks can be challenging! But why are planks so important? Planks train you to recruit and coordinate muscle groups throughout the body, as well […]