Breakfast, Yes or No?

blueberry pancakesMy friend and dietitian Jae Berman and I were recently talking about eating breakfast.

“When it comes to nutrition, there are only a few things I am certain of, and one of them is eat breakfast,” says Jae. She believes it is the most important meal of the day and an absolute “game changer when it comes to managing physical and emotional hunger.”

There was a recent Today Show segment on how breakfast should be skipped to lose weight. My heart skipped a beat, worried about how this was going to play out on T.V. Thank goodness a dietitian, Keri Glassman, RD spoke beautifully about the importance of nutrition and breakfast. Phew!  Watch the segment here.


Reasons to eat breakfast:

  • Decreases stress hormones, allowing your body to burn fat and metabolize efficiently
  • Helps manage cravings throughout the day, overall daily caloric intake will likely be lower
  • Manage emotional hunger and mood – start your day with fuel to prevent getting “hangry” or making less healthy food choices later
  • Fuels morning workouts and allows for proper recovery

Need some breakfast ideas?

  1. Quick plain oats, cinnamon and fresh or frozen fruit – topped with yogurt or milk
  2. Eggs, toss some veggies, olives and hot sauce on top – toast on the side
  3. Sweet potato, eggs
  4. Lean sausage, veggie, starch
  5. Yogurt or cottage cheese, nuts and fruit
  6. Smoothie with yogurt or milk, 1 serving of fruit and some greens
  7. Use a blender bottle and make a quick almond milk rice protein smoothie

So just try breakfast consistently for a month and see how it goes. Start your day off right!