Benefits of pregnancy massage

Have you ever visited the clinical team at Psoas Massage + Bodywork in San Francisco? Psoas offers a wide range of modalities, and prides itself on delivering the best pre-natal and post-natal bodywork around. The practitioners at Psoas provide care throughout pregnancy, and from a number of angles. Their prenatal team includes highly-skilled prenatal massage therapists, a prenatal chiropractor, and neurologically-based bodyworkers who specialize in prenatal support.

Check out the interview below with senior prenatal therapist at Psoas, Jason Garcia.


Interview with Psoas therapist Jason Garcia:

Do you think that there is a stigma against pregnancy massage?

I do. When people think of pregnancy massage, they often think of light work, something easy and relaxing. But pregnant clients have muscles that are extremely tired, and sometimes want more pressure. There are definitely cautions around working with the belly, but you can do a lot of things that are related, like quadriceps, safely. It’s important that the massage therapist know what is contraindicated and what isn’t.

Because when clients can’t get the pressure they want–not because it’s contraindicated, but because the therapist is nervous–it’s disappointing. It’s been important for some massage therapists to learn that when you put pressure on a quad or a glute, you aren’t endangering a prenatal client. You are helping someone have a much more enjoyable experience in their pregnancy.

What does effective prenatal massage look like?

I like to work with mothers in a goal-oriented way. Some days the goal might be relaxation and comfort. Other days, it might be low-back pain or cramps. Or maybe it’s addressing tension in the arms that isn’t directly related to pregnancy. I want to make sure prenatal clients know we’re here to meet their needs – whatever they are. Often, that means trying to help moms feel like a little more of their normal selves.

It’s also about collaboration. We work together as a team to make sure clients get the sessions they need. And we support them doing other practices like yoga and pilates. We’re touching on a lot of the same things that those activities touch on. We’re helping prenatal clients get stronger and keep moving.

Finally, when it comes to a prenatal massage session, it’s important to find the body position that feels right. You’d be amazed at what you can do with pillows! At Psoas, we have a ton of pillows, pregnancy cushions, and other options for support.

How often should expecting moms get prenatal massage?

As often as they are comfortable with! The timing doesn’t change because of pregnancy. An athlete who pushes their body needs massage all the time; it’s the same with pregnant women. The question is: how much work is needed to help this particular mother feel supported through the changes of pregnancy?

What’s your favorite part of prenatal work?

Definitely supporting clients through the pregnancy, and sometimes getting to meet the baby at the end! I have three daughters and it’s very touching to help mothers go through this process.


To learn more, reach out to the Intake Specialists at Psoas Massage + Bodywork (, (415) 227-0331). They’re here to ask the right questions, listen to your answers, and help you find the treatment plan that best supports your pregnancy – or the pregnancy of a loved one.