“Back” To School

I283 was speaking recently to a client who has been coming to Blue Sparrow Pilates for six years. He started coming to the studio to rehabilitate a back injury that was keeping him from a fully active life.  During our chat he reminded me of the importance of doing homework. “I really hit my stride once I started doing regular maintenance at home in addition to my work in the studio,” he said. As his teacher, I really could see the pace of his progress change once he started to do exercises between our sessions.

This is a good lesson for people with persistent back issues. No one likes doing homework but this is one assignment you may grow to love. Especially if it means the difference between pain and pain free, mobile and immobile.

I often ask clients, “If I give you a few homework exercises, will you do them?” I do like honesty, so if you’re not the kind of person that will do homework we just move on. But if you are the kind of person that will do it, a little bit can go along way!

Our goal is to give people the necessary tools for life both in and out of the studio. Afterall, most of your week is spent outside the Pilates studio, so we hope what you learn in Pilates will translate into your daily life. Our ultimate goal is that by combining in-studio sessions with homework, we can end your pain and get you back totip-top shape.

…this is not the kind of homework that you’ll never use in real life (calculus yuck!). Instead this  homework will directly affect your happiness and your ability to live life fully.

With a back injury (or any injury for that matter) it’s all about consistency. Five minutes a day could mean the difference between wanting to play wiffle ball with your son or watching from the sidelines. Go finish that homework so you can play some ball!