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Hearty, Healthy, Super Soups

Soups can really pack a punch nutritionally if you keep the focus of on the ingredients.  They’re warm, hearty, healthy and can be their own class of soul-feeding super foods. Don’t know where to start and want to expand your usual repertoire of market purchases? February is a wonderful time to rekindle your love for mushrooms. Or, […]

4 Steps to Build the Perfect Plank

We’ve all heard how wonderful planks are for your entire body. And you’ve done one in Pilates, at the gym, or in a yoga class.  I think we would all agree, planks can be challenging! But why are planks so important? Planks train you to recruit and coordinate muscle groups throughout the body, as well […]

Out On The Town With Erica Pinigis

Continuing our series of Instructor Insights, I stole Erica from the studio for a few minutes to grab some wonderful pictures and learn all of her best DIY secrets. We had the chance to chat about her Pilates training, all of her upcoming personal projects, and life in the Bay Area. She, like all of […]

Blue Sparrow Pilates Oakland

It’s a New Year and we have BIG news! I want you to be the first to know our exciting news: we’re opening a second location in Oakland, CA! Our new second location will better serve our East Bay clients, as well as provide an opportunity to offer new services and products.  The new studio will […]

The Mighty Mouse of the Studio

Compact, versatile, challenging, rehabilitative, functional. The Stability Chair does it all and does it all in style. The stability chair’s compact footprint often belies its ability to challenge even the most advanced clients and athletes. It’s a powerful piece of equipment with the capacity to build core stability, upper-body strength and lower-body power. It’s one […]

Beetroot Yum

Fall reminds me of how delicious and beautiful beets can make a simple meal. Beets are so good and good for you! An ancient, prehistoric food naturally found along the coastlines of North Africa, Asia and Europe, beets were originally harvested for their greens but are now known more for their root. The benefits of beets […]

Rolling Refined

Five years ago, people looked at me like a circus freak if I rolled out my legs at the gym. Now people know the many benefits of the foam roller. However, recent research findings suggest we need to refine its use slightly. The foam roller has gained in popularity because it’s inexpensive and accessible to […]

Blast Your Bod with CORE™

CORE™ is a complete blast- you will have fun and work your butt-off! What is CORE™? CORE™ is an interval training class. It’s based on resistence, endurance, or muscular endurance. So, we’ll perform higher repetition, with not as much resistence as you would for a power workout. But it’s a longer duration so you should […]