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Starr Emana

Starr Emana A teacher at heart, Starr began her teaching as a high school math teacher for with 19 years. Additionally, she coached girls’ water polo, track, softball, soccer, tennis and swimming. Starr, an athlete herself, played water polo for UC Davis. She has always been drawn to wellness and movement practices, an a career […]


Kristin Bond

Kristin Bond Trained Instructor Kristin first began practicing Pilates when she was experiencing low back and knee pain stemming from many years of playing soccer, running long distance track and half marathons. She truly fell in love with Pilates post pregnancy when she began taking classes to rebuild core strength that was affected by pregnancy. […]


What you could conquer with proper alignment?

Achieving good alignment is not easy. You’d think a professional ballet dancer would have no problem with alignment. Think again. Just like everyone else, good alignment and pain-free movement is something that evolves over time. It can’t be “mastered” in a couple hours. So, when professional dancer and Pilates instructor Demetria came to me with her […]


Everyday I teach Pilates.

In the wake of recent events, I’m taking stock. Everyday I teach Pilates. Yes, it’s “just” exercise. But in these uncertain times, I’m realizing it goes beyond fitness. Let me start with a little background. About ten years ago I set out to open a Pilates studio in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. […]