3 Reasons to Walk the Famous San Francisco Coit Tower Steps

HollyFurgasonWalkingStepsIt’s common to get super busy with work and family life. And for most of us, one of the first things to cut out of a jam packed schedule is working out. When I’m pinched for time but unwilling to abandon my workout, I walk the Coit Tower Steps or Greenwich Steps.* Here are my top 3 reasons why you should give walking the famous Steps a try.

#1: Beauty & Nature Are Bountiful

Walking from North Beach up to the majestic Coit Tower and then continuing down to Sansome street is extremely beautiful any time of year. You will see beautiful trees, flowers, and gardens, as well as the birds, even parrots and coyotes (if you haven’t seen the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill definitely check it out on NetFlixs). The parrots are loud and the beauty of nature will distract you from the numbers of steps you’re climbing. There are many small gardens to stop and catch your breath, and the view at the top offers a 180-degree view of the San Francisco Bay. The steps are sure to work your cardiovascular health at the same time they offer a recharge in nature right in the middle of our busy city.

#2: Soak Up Some Positive Reinforcement

The Coit Tower or Greenwich Steps are a popular tourist destination. Without fail, almost every time I’ve walked/“run” the steps, a tourist stops me to say, “Wow! You’re strong!” or “Great Job!” or “I can’t believe how fast you are!” Believe me, I do not feel strong or fast when I’m gasping for breath but compared to people that live in flat cities, you’ll feel like a rock star. Everyone needs positive reinforcement and hearing you’re strong can go a long way to motivate you to keep pushing towards your fitness goals.

#3: Door-to-Door in About 30 Minutes

If you’re in North Beach, you can go all the way up and over the hill, and then back again in 20 minutes (running) to 40 minutes (walking slowly with break). That means if you live, work, or even visit Blue Sparrow Pilates for a session, you can quickly get in an extra cardio burst. Who doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare in a day?

With a little practice you will get stronger and quicker. At first don’t worry about speed, just get it done in however long it takes you. Stairs will get the heart pumping, and strengthen the glutes (booty), hamstrings (back of your legs), and calves. And if you focus on proper alignment your abdominal and entire core work. (If you’d like some tips on good form check out our video for tips on walking stairs.

Enjoy the nature that is all around us in San Francisco and I hope to see you out walking the Steps! 

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*From the circle at the end of Greenwich Street walk up the stairs towards Telegraph Hill Blvd to Coit Tower. Then continue down the steps to Montgomery Street and then Sansome Street. In the map below the steps are the dashed lines.


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