What’s In Your Fridge?

WhatsInYourFridgeWell folks here’s my fridge. This is a pretty normal week. At the beginning of the week my fridge is brimming with beautiful fresh veggies and fruits. By the end of the week, whatever is left is juiced. Right now I’m obsessed with artichokes and shishito peppers!

Everyday we make choices about what we want to put into our bodies. Joe Cross from the documentary calls it the “last two feet of freedom.” All experts seem to agree that Americans need to eat more fruits and veggies and cook more food at home.

Don’t Make Food a Moral Judgement.

Food is not good or bad. All food falls somewhere on the spectrum from healthier to less healthy. If you have a less healthy day, balance it out the following few days with healthier choices. Maybe some days you eat perfectly and others you fall back into your old habits. Don’t harshly judge yourself, support yourself on your path toward health.

Small changes can make a big difference over the course of a year.

Making just a few changes in your diet can add up over 365 days. Maybe it is committing to not buying your favorite snack food anymore, or committing to a larger percentage of your daily calories coming from fresh vegetables. Whatever it is, a year from now you will be healthier for making each small change. And you will find in a year that small change will have had a great impact.

Put the fresh, healthy choices in the front of the fridge and pantry.

Food experts say that you’re much more likely to choose the items in the front of the fridge and pantry. So move all the things you want to eat to the front. It will increase your odds of making good choices when you’re hungry.

I highly recommend checking out  Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and Fed Up on Netflix. I found both to be really inspiring.

Here’s to colorful fresh healthy food!

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