Anatomy 101 Workshop with Holly Furgason

April 16, 2016

Join Holly Furgason for Anatomy 101
July 21, 2018

We think all Pilates instructors should have an understanding of anatomy. But learning anatomy can feel like your learning a foreign language (well, Latin mostly :). So we’ve put together this 2-hour interactive workshop to get you started.

Anatomy 101 will give you the foundational anatomy necessary to begin or expand your Pilates teacher training.

  • What is “Anatomical Neutral”
  • The planes of motion and axes
  • Define anatomical movements
  • Important bones and muscles

This workshop gets you speaking anatomically. You should leave the workshop feeling like you can describe a Pilates exercise using anatomical language and know what to continue to study.

Open to all Pilates enthusiasts and teachers.



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