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Course Information
I am applying and committing my deposit for the following Course(s)/Workshop(s)pick one!
Workshop Namemore details
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I'd like to start my training in the month of
I plan to attend all hours of the course. (Please note that all STOTT PILATES course and workshops require 100% attendance in order to receive a course completion letter and be eligible to take an exam. If you miss any course hours you will need to make them up privately at a cost to you of $135 per hour at a 2:1 ratio for the first 5 hours missed, and at a 1:1 ratio for more than 5 hours missed.)pick one!
I understand that if I miss course hours I will need to make them up with an Instructor Trainer
Basic Understanding

We like to keep things clear with our clients from the start.
Please read the following carefully.

Space will only be reserved upon receipt of all application materials and depositspick one!
You must withdraw from any course or workshop at Blue Sparrow Pilates 45-days prior to the start date of a course / workshop to receive a refund. Refund is minus the non-refundable deposit. Tuition fees are non-transferable. This refund policy applies to all courses and workshops at Blue Sparrow Pilates not just the one you are registering for today. By clicking 'I understand' you agree to these terms and conditions.pick one!
Fees for courses and workshops DO NOT include applicable course materials or testing (unless a special course package stipulates the inclusion of these items)pick one!
If I am applying for a course that is due to start in under 2 weeks and wish to purchase materials through Blue Sparrow Pilates. I will be charged the expedite shipping feepick one!
Release of Liability

Failure to disclose any issues prior to enrollment may
result in your removal from the course

Do you have any injuries, conditions or postural issues? Are you currently pregnant or have you recently given birth?pick one!
Please tell us about any injuries, conditions, pregnancy or postural issues.more details
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Do you have any of the following health conditions (check all that apply)pick one!
Otheryour full name
In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the Blue Sparrow Pilates Inc. programs, and any related events and activities, I recognize the necessity of occasional physical contact with trainers, and the risks of illness and injury inherent in any physical fitness program. I am participating with the express agreement and understanding that I am hereby waiving and releasing Blue Sparrow Pilates Inc. and its employees against all claims. I have read this release of liability and fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.pick one!
Emergency Contact
Full Nameyour full name
Phone Numberyour full name
Payment For Workshops

Full payment is required to reserve your space in a CEC workshop

New Studentspick one!
Returning Studentspick one!
Payment For Courses

Course Registration with MORE then 7-days advance: A 20% deposit for course fees is required to reserve your space.

Course Registration with LESS then 7-days advance: Full payment is required to reserve your space

New Studentspick one!

Returning Students

I've attended Blue Sparrow Pilates training previously, and I authorize course fees to be charged on my credit card on file with MINDBODY.
Purchasing Course Materials
Materials can be purchased at Blue Sparrow Pilates or online directly from one!
Please charge my card and set aside the following materials for pickup at Blue Sparrow Pilates:pick one!
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