Apprenticeship & Internship


The Blue Sparrow Pilates Apprenticeship Program is open to ALL newly trained Pilates Instructors who have completed one of our certification courses. We offer a safe, professional, and educational environment that provides teacher trainees with a space to self practice, practice teach and observe Pilates.

This program provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience in a professional Pilates studio, while working towards completing physical review, practice teaching and observation hours required for certification.

You will:

  • Have free access to the studio to practice teach and fulfill practice teaching exam requirements.
  • Have free access to the studio and equipment for self practice in order to fulfill exam physical review exam requirements.
  • Have free access to the studio to observe certified STOTT PILATES® Instructors in order to fulfill observation exam requirements.
  • Discount 10% on session packages.


  • Working knowledge of functional anatomy and/or completion of the Blue Sparrow Pilates Functional Anatomy course.
  • Completion of Level One STOTT PILATES® Matwork or Reformer (IMP and IR).
  • Approval by our Education Team.


  • 6 months from course completion.

Application Process:

  • No application necessary. By attending our course you receive access to this program.
  • Permission granted to all our teacher training students who demonstrate a willingness to work safely, a desire to learn, and a receptiveness to feedback from our teaching staff.
  • Email us at to inquire about details of this program.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Teacher trainees must always comply with the Blue Sparrow Pilates STOTT PILATES® Trainee Practice Teaching & Physical Review Agreement.
  • Apprenticeship is a privilege. Access to the studio and apprenticeship program can be terminated at Blue Sparrow Pilates discretion.


Paid Internship Program

Blue Sparrow Pilates will select two paid interns annually. Our Internship will give you experience 

1) apprenticing under the guidance of studio owner and STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer Holly Furgason’s and

2) learning the business of Pilates studios by providing general reception.

Our Intern Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience in a professional Pilates studio under the expert guidance. You will have the opportunity to gain experience in both the business and teaching of Pilates. Additionally, you will work towards completing required practice teaching, physical review, and observation hours for STOTT PILATES® certification exams.

The Blue Sparrow Pilates Intern Program is open to newly trained STOTT PILATES® Instructors who have completed our Matwork (IMP) and/or Intensive Reformer (IR) courses, or certified STOTT PILATES® instructors looking for more experience.

Successful Interns will have an advantage in seeking possible future employment as a Pilates Instructor with Blue Sparrow Pilates, as well as assistance seeking jobs outside the studio.


  • Shadow a Senior Instructor(s) and studio owner Holly Furgason;
  • Learn how a busy Pilates studio operates by working reception i.e. mail/deliveries, phone calls, greet new clients, provide information about our services, ensure kept tidy and orderly, schedule clients, process payments,
  • Have free access to the studio space to practice teach, self practice, and observe;
  • Have the opportunity to teach classes to real clients, and received feedback on your teaching from Senior instructors;
  • Have access to free Pilates group classes.


  • Working knowledge of functional anatomy and/or completion of the Blue Sparrow Pilates Functional Anatomy course
  • Completion of Level 1 Matwork and/or Reformer (IMP and IR)
  • Computer skills
  • Social media skills


  • A 3 months or 6 months commitment is required.


  • 4-6 hours per week working reception
  • 1 hour per week teaching a group class
  • 2+ hours per week observing and apprenticing

Total = 7+ hours per week


San Francisco minimum wage. Part-time, hourly.


Due Friday, June  1, 2017 for the intern Summer/Fall.

Submit a teaching resume and written letter of interest. Applicant’s letter should include why they believe they should be selected, how they will benefit from an internship.

Email application material to


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