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Pilates isn’t the kind of exercise people typically “get” in one session. So, we’ve designed packages for New Clients to try a few sessions.

If you have never tried Pilates or are injured, we recommend beginning with at least one private session.

With private session we will be able to better guide you through the Pilates basics — basic principles, equipment setup, and alignment principles.
LEARN, SWEAT, REPEAT! Continue to push yourself to the next level by moving through our class levels from GETTING FAMILIAR > FIT > JUMP > PRO. Find the level and the teacher that’s right for you!

New Client Discounts

San Francisco Location

3 One Hour Privates $200 Buy Online
3 One Hours Semi-Privates $215/2 people Buy Online
8 Classes/1 month (no rollovers) $125 Buy Online
1 Intro Class $20 Buy Online

Oakland Location

3 One Hour Privates $195 Buy Online
3 One Hour Semi-Privates $210/ 2 people Buy Online
8 Classes/ 1 Month (no rollovers) $125 Buy Online
1 Intro Class $20 Buy Online

Expiration & Policies: New Client Specials and Introductory Packages are special offers, and may be discontinued at anytime. Limit one(1) per person. Available for new clients only. Expires 30-days from date of purchase. No transfers, exchanges, or package sharing. Promotional packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you have any questions, just give us a call 415-398-4425.


Form & precision expand your knowledge of your body.
We teach understanding, not just exercises.

Pilates is precision exercise. At Blue Sparrow Pilates, our instructors pay attention to your form, offer corrections, and share their knowledge during the entire session. You might try a Pilates exercise from a video or large class and get the idea that it’s “easy”. But the same exercise in the presence of a highly-trained instructor, help you to make small adjustments in your form that make the exercises challenging.

At Blue Sparrow Pilates, we help to understand how the form we teach in Pilates also applies to how you carry your body throughout the day. Small changes in how you sit, stand, or run can have a huge impact in the quality of your life.

We teach you to connect your core.

Our bodies want to take the path of least resistance. We train specific core muscles to restore balance in your body, so your body learns to move in the way it was designed. The experience and skill of the instructor is the key factor in how successful your Pilates practice will be.




Our teachers complete rigorous training and certification by world leaders in the field of Pilates.

Our instructors are professionals who have devoted themselves to becoming experts at movement and Pilates. Blue Sparrow Pilates instructors are trained and certified in STOTT PILATES®, which is widely considered the “Ivy League” of Pilates. STOTT PILATES® requires a serious commitment to complete full certification. Our teachers have completed hundreds of hours of coursework, and this takes years, not days. By the time instructors are fully certified, we consider them to have a Master’s degree in Pilates.

At Blue Sparrow Pilates, we feel the education and training of our instructors is the most important factor in our clients’ success. Not all Pilates instructors are trained equally. And there’s no way to get properly train as a Pilates Instructor from a weekend course. Our STOTT PILATES® instructors train for years to complete their full certification, and then go on to complete additional education for specialization in areas such as rehabilitation.




Fitness should be enjoyable.

We believe that high standards and elite teachers don’t have to mean stuffy or intimidating. Whatever your fitness level, age, or exercise background, our studio is a welcoming environment where you can focus on self improvement. Sessions are always fresh, unique, challenging, and fun!





Local, female owned business.

We’re a local, female owned and operated small business since 2007. We have established roots in our communities and relationships with our clients that last for years. Our clients keep coming back to our studios because they truly see and feel positive changes Pilates offers. We are inspired by the our clients success, and we strive each day to inspire them further along the path of health & wellness.



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