Client Retention: The Power of Cueing

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Date(s) - August 03, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

San Francisco Location



Learn how to use every cue to retain clients, developed by Holly Furgason. If you help a client accomplish their goal, they will keep coming back. This workshop defines how we align cues to our clients in order to shape every session to fit their goals. Emphasis is on development of “client-centered cueing” and continued client engagement.  We’ll workshop how to convert first-timers into a long-term commitment.

This workshop is designed for teachers already working in a studio who wish to increase their client base and effectiveness as a teacher.  It also serves as a refresher for programming, upgrading teaching skills, and provides teachers with a general guideline for quality teaching and client engagement.


This is a 2-hour lecture/lab workshop in which topics are presented by the Instructor Trainer, best practices are demonstrated, and time is allowed for student practice.  Students are asked to model best practices as others critique their practice. The workshop is interactive and assumes students have a certified instructor level of knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To introduce the concept of being client-centered;
  2. To demonstrate how to convert a client’s perceived problems into a plan for continuing;
  3. To review fundamentals of a good first session;
  4. To practice developing a plan and program for a specific client.


“Early Bird” is more than 3-weeks in advance, with early registration pricing is discounted. “Late Bird” is less than 3-weeks advance.

  • Early Bird $75 Single Workshop (Normally $125. Discount only 8/4/18)
  • Late Bird $125 per workshop

Required Materials – N/A