Old Dogs, New Tricks Go Hand-In-Hand

You may know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Sometimes this feels especially true when we’re learning a new skill or testing our own limits. You may especially feel this way when a teacher introduces a new exercise in class that requires different coordination than we typically practice. I often hear […]

Frustrated With Your Body Awareness? Here’s why.

I regularly hear clients say, “I just don’t have good body awareness,” and “It’s very hard for me to feel what you’re talking about.”  Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone and, furthermore, it’s not your fault! Let’s take a look at the Cortical Homunculus to help explain why we often have trouble finding […]

Rebirth. Regeneration. Transformation.

Phewwww. 2015 has been a humongous year! It’s been a year chock full of surprises, adventures, and new beginnings. This beautiful photograph, for me, really expresses my hope for the upcoming year — Rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. I believe the small ways we change everyday can have lasting and huge impact. What begins as teeny […]

Communication is Key

Good communication is the foundation for any successful relationship. As teachers, we train not only in the Pilates method but also in communication. We need to be able to read nonverbal cues from clients and we also need to be able to communicate the intricacies of an exercise effectively. However, sometimes we just can’t read […]

What Are You Giving Thanks For?

We’re Giving Thanks for YOU. As we all get ready to go visit our families or have family and friends come visit us, we at Blue Sparrow Pilates want to let you know how much we value our Blue Sparrow family as well. Coming together to work towards our health and fitness goals this year has […]

Calories In ≠ Calories Out: Embracing Individuality In Health Goals

Long outdated is the notion that weight loss is a purely calories in and calories out equation. In the fitness industry, we see it all the time: people on strict diets who exercise everyday, still struggling to reach their ideal weight. First and foremost, we don’t support unrealistic body standards or believe that a certain […]