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What you could conquer with proper alignment?

Achieving good alignment is not easy. You’d think a professional ballet dancer would have no problem with alignment. Think again. Just like everyone else, good alignment and pain-free movement is something that evolves over time. It can’t be “mastered” in a couple hours. So, when professional dancer and Pilates instructor Demetria came to me with her […]


Giselle Birang

Giselle Birang Certified Instructor San Francisco Studio Giselle was first drawn to Pilates when taking a class on the reformer and loved its ability to hit hard to reach areas on the body that she couldn’t otherwise effectively target on the weight floor. She was also humbled by the deep foundational support that the Pilates […]


Daily Candy Online

Daily Candy Online February 2014 Holly Furgason was called one of “SF’s top fitness gurus” by Daily Candy. “With my dance background, music has always been a large part of my life, motivating and inspiring me. Music is very important in workouts from biking to running to Pilates. The music you listen to can keep […]