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Demetria Schioldager

Demetria Schioldager Trained Instructor San Francisco & Oakland Studio Demetria is a professional ballet dancer and instructor. She’s been teaching dance for over 10 years, and also is a certified barre instructor. Introduced to classical Pilates as a young dancer for dance conditioning, Demetria decided to pursue teaching Pilates as a way to transition from professional […]


Mary Cobb

Mary Cobb Trained Instructor Oakland Studio As a performer, Mary has been a student of movement her whole life. Introduced to Pilates in 2009, she immediately noticed that it deepened her understanding and function in the smaller muscles of the hips, shoulders, and spine. Pilates helped her to safely push through rigorous fitness workouts, as well […]

Inspired Communities Make Us Stronger

Spring training is happening all around the Bay. So many of you are signing up for half marathons, bike races, triathlons, and even muddy obstacle runs. I love it! I love the enthusiasm and the excitement of trying something new. I love that you’re pushing yourselves, often into the unknown. And selfishly, I love that […]


Nicola Zenaty

Nicola Zenaty Trained Instructor Oakland Studio Nicola was first introduced to Pilates as a young dancer. She trained in classical ballet for over 20 years, attending programs at the San Francisco Ballet School, American Ballet Theater and Miami City Ballet School among others. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Neuroscience at UC San […]

Everyday I teach Pilates.

In the wake of recent events, I’m taking stock. Everyday I teach Pilates. Yes, it’s “just” exercise. But in these uncertain times, I’m realizing it goes beyond fitness. Let me start with a little background. About ten years ago I set out to open a Pilates studio in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. […]